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 Who Is Cotton?

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Who Is Cotton?

Board of Directors with Cotton

Rufus Pearson with Cotton

Ms. Cotton Pearson is a Jack Russell Terrier owned by Anna Belle and Rufus Pearson.  She works at Pearson Industries, Inc. in Research and Development and takes her job very seriously.

For those of you that do not know about Jack Russell Terriers, they are very loving dogs, a big dog in a little dog's body and are game for anything.  Our six grandchildren say they want to go visit Cotton, not to visit Nana and Poppie.

So now you know why Cotton is a Vice President in charge of Research and Development.  All of Pearson Industries newly developed pet products must go through Cotton's rigorous testing.  If they pass her test, she gives them her paws of approval.

Cotton's 3rd Birthday

Rufus Pearson holding Cotton.

Cotton Doing Research

Cotton hard at work with Anna Belle Pearson.


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