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Photo Gallery


Xena Whetstone is a Siberian Husky that belongs to Melanie Whetstone in Prattville, AL.

Ella and Roscoe Pearson belong to W.R. and Shannon Pearson in Prattville, AL.
  Trixie & Lucy Popielarz belong to Terri and Dave Popielarz in Indianapolis, IN.  
  Pete Frick belongs to Bob & Myra Frick.  
  This Boxer is a satisfied customer!  
  Lucky is a "Paws With a Cause" Service Dog  
Black Bears

Even these black bears at the Trailside Museums and Zoo in Bear Mountain, NY need some playtime!
  Samson Roegger MacLord is VP of Customer Evaluation & Sniffing at Vermont Theatrical Supply  
  Duchess "Boo" Weaver is a blue-mitted Ragdoll.  
Snowbell "Stripe" Weaver is a blue lynx-point mitted Ragdoll.   
  Wendy "Day" Weaver is a tortoiseshell brindle.  
  Tori Hayes belongs to Kathleen S. Hayes.  



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