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Photo Gallery

Trixie & Lucy Popielarz

This is Trixie & Lucy Popielarz. They belong to Terri & Dave Popielarz of Indianapolis, IN.

Duce Miller

Duce is an American Shepherd and belongs to Carla Miller.

Pete With His Favorite Crunch Bone

Pete belongs to Bob & Myra Frick.

(March 15, 2004)

Happy Boxer

Here is a picture from a satisfied customer!

Lucky - 1993

"Paws With a Cause" Service Dog

Black Bear

Trailside Museums & Zoo, Bear Mt., NY

July 1995

Black Bear Tug-o-War

Trailside Museums & Zoo, Bear Mt., NY

July 1995

Having Fun!

A Kitty Enjoying Her Merry Mouser

Pearson Industries Show Booth

Displays showing the cat scratch pad and dog toys.

Pearson Industries Show Booth

Displays showing bird and dog toys.

Summer Pearson

Summer enjoying her new toys.

Tori Hayes

This is Tori, she belongs to Kathleen S. Hayes.

Monty Opening the Package

Monty is a Bull Terrier who belongs to Glenn Apple, Newark, Delaware.

Fruits of Labor

Monty is rewarded for his hard work!

Monty Jumps For Joy!

Monty enjoying Christmas Day.

Chloe & Ingrid 1999


This is Stinker who belongs to Joyce Conn.

Duchess Weaver

This is our kitten Duchess. She is a blue-mitted Ragdoll.

Snowbell Weaver

This is our kitten Snowbell. She is a blue-mitted lynx Ragdoll.

Jolly Weaver

This is Jolly, always in charge.

Wendy Weaver

Wendy is a tortoise-brindle.


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